The reviewers should provide unbiased comments for the manuscript, and indicate whether the work is original, creative and scientifically accurate and sounded. The reviewers should provide suggestions to editors whether the work is within the journal’s scope, suitable to be published in the journal. The reviewers should provide suggestions whether the work is published as is, published after revising, or should be rejected. The reviewers should report any conflict of interest related to the manuscript being reviewed. The reviewers should destroy or delete the manuscript files after finishing reviewing and may not disclose any information to third parties.

The Journal's Time Table & Statistics

Journal Reviewing & Publication Steps Average Time/ Statistics
From submission to assigning a reviewer 3 to 5 Days
First round of peer review 3 Months
Time to revise and re-submit   1 Month
Second round of peer review 1 Month
Final Decision 1 Month
Proof & copyediting, layout designing and preparation of the proofs 24 Hours
Time for the author to review and respond to the proofs' comments and any queries  3 Weeks
Preparing the final version of the manuscripts for publication 1 Week
Publishing the e-prints (both HTML and PDF formats) on the journal website 1 Week
Indexing papers in  national & international databases and sharing in social networks 72 Hours
Acceptance rate 144
Rejection rate 0.17

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